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Read all about how to make your beauty routine more effective and fun with our Coucou Tools, Coucou Skin and our very cute Coucouture merch line.

Reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles and fine lines and prevent new ones from forming with our new high-grade Coucou Reusable Patches! 

If you want to make sure your crystal tools remain powerful at all times, show a little love and gratitude to them! We have prepared a small guide on how to cleanse and charge your crystal Coucou tools. 

Remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz with the Coucou Dermaplaning Exfoliator! Read about all it's benefits and why it will not grow back your hairs thicker or darker!
How to use a Gua Sha? Tips & Tricks!
Grazia’s Editor in Chief Suzanne Arbeid tested our Coucou Power Face Roller to see if it lives up to the hype.
These purple quartz gems are worn to protect people, quiet the mind and help control addictions.
What is this latest trend that everybody is going crazy for?
Alicia Keys, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle and more!
In for an easy and quick way to do your own nails? The recently launched Coucou Semi-Cured Gel Nail Wraps will give you a salon-quality gel manicure in the comfort of your own home! 
Say goodbye to tension, hello to relaxation, and bless your body with this at-home massage ;)
Are you ready to learn about a new way to take care of your skin? Let's talk about dry brushing, a practice that's been around for centuries but is totally on-trend right now. Dry brushing is all about exfoliating your skin to keep it looking fresh and glowing. Plus, it comes with tons of other benefits.
Who doesn’t want brighter, softer and less bumpy skin?
Vacuum and suction might not sound like a relaxing at-home spa treatment? Keep reading!
Boost your skincare routine with the multi-use Hydrating Jelly Booster. Pair it with our Coucou Dermaplaning Exfoliator, Gua Sha, and Reusable Patches for the ultimate pampering experience!
Introducing Coucou Skin: Elevate your skincare game with the Hydrating Jelly Booster. Packed with key ingredients for hydration and soothing, it's versatile and complements The Coucou Club's beauty tools. Boost your skin and your mood with Coucou Skin!
Clear upcoming and under the surface pimples while the patch keeps you from touching the affected area and protects against bacteria. Ready? Let’s take care of your pimples!
Coucou did some research on what it means when a brand or product claims to be ‘Clean’
A Coucou lesson in how to find your way through these unpronounceable beauty wonders called exfoliating acids.
Wondering what the difference is between all Coucou Beauty tools? Find your answer in this blog. All beauty devices and tools explained.
Move over Full Moon rituals, New Moon manifesting is here!
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