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Read all about how to make your beauty routine more effective and fun with our Coucou Tools, Coucou Skin and our very cute Coucouture merch line.

Boost your skincare routine with the multi-use Hydrating Jelly Booster. Pair it with our Coucou Dermaplaning Exfoliator, Gua Sha, and Reusable Patches for the ultimate pampering experience!
Introducing Coucou Skin: Elevate your skincare game with the Hydrating Jelly Booster. Packed with key ingredients for hydration and soothing, it's versatile and complements The Coucou Club's beauty tools. Boost your skin and your mood with Coucou Skin!
Clear upcoming and under the surface pimples while the patch keeps you from touching the affected area and protects against bacteria. Ready? Let’s take care of your pimples!
Coucou did some research on what it means when a brand or product claims to be ‘Clean’
A Coucou lesson in how to find your way through these unpronounceable beauty wonders called exfoliating acids.
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