Mitzy Malu

With a resume like hers you can call Mitzy one of Holland's most celebrated make-up artists. Nice to know: If you think her outer beauty is on point - you should meet her inner beauty.

Mitzy Malu
A little background:
Born & raised in Amsterdam, 30 and def knows her way around the city (yep, also at night)! Natural Beauty Mitzy is all over You-Tube to educate you on everything beauty, the go-to person for the who's and who's in celeb land AND a Regular backstage at NY Fashionweek.

What do you focus on curating products?
My favorite makeup has to give that "Mitzy Glow": flawless, natural and sun-kissed. And it needs some sexiness!"

Best beauty tip:
Enhance your strong features but keep it natural.
Made her Coucou Cut
Lait-Crème Concentré

Lait-Crème Concentré

The creamy French cult-moisturizer.

Faux Freckles

Temporary faux freckle makeup.

The Eye Mask 5 pack

Box - 5 Masks
Shine bright like a star.

The Lip Mask 5 pack

Box - 5 Masks
Wanna makeout?

Supa Balm Rose

Supa dupa rosy lips.

Self-Tan Towelettes Plus

Half Body/10pcs & More
For medium-darker skin tones.

Self-Tan Towelettes Classic

Half Body/10pcs & More
For fair-medium skin tones.

Self-Tan Anti-Aging Face Towelettes

For a glowy face tan.

Kiss My Liquid Lip Balm - Remi

Glossy nude lips, zero stickiness.

75° Warm Eye Shadow Palette

Perfect shades of warmth.

Kiss My Liquid Lip Balm - Charlie

Dusty rose lips, zero stickiness.

11:11 Eye Shadow Palette

Puts sparkles in your eyes.

Supa Balm Mint

Supa dupa minty lips.

Mood 4 Ever Eye Shadow Palette

Go-to shades for every mood.

52° Cool Eye Shadow Palette

Dreamy everyday shadows.

Gold Lust Eye Shadow Palette

For golden nights.

Kiss My Liquid Lip Balm Shimmer - Bowie

Nude rose shiny lips, zero stickiness.

Kiss My Liquid Lip Balm - Dodi

Tawny lips, zero stickiness.

Kiss My Liquid Lip Balm - Jude

Deep warm brown lips, zero stickiness.

Kiss My Liquid Lip Balm - Lola

Natural nude lips, zero stickiness.

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