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Welcome to The Coucou Club.

We believe in beauty beyond borders.

We believe in beauty inclusivity. 


How people across the world view beauty varies greatly from one passport stamp to the next. Think about the skin-conscious approach of the Koreans, the healing beauty rituals from India and the natural elements African women use to keep their complexions radiant. There is so much more out there than what we know! And since we believe in beauty beyond borders, it is our mission to share global beauty rituals and trends and connect women across the world.

Together with our Coucou Team, a range of incredible on-the-ground ambassadors and beauty experts (such as dermatologists, doctors, skin experts and makeup artists) we explore, curate and eventually decide which products make the Coucou Cut! 


The result? A well-selected collection of beauty products from across the globe. And while we’re at it, we’ll shed some light on what’s actually inside these products. We want to go beyond the pretty packaging and with our Coucou College help you understand why it works and what it does to your skin.

With our own brand Coucou, inspired by ancient rituals and the latest beauty tool trends, we bring you skincare tools and accessories that lift up and enhance your beauty routine. Create your own at-home Coucou Spa and get coucou! 

Celebrate beauty inclusivity while we encourage you to choose your own path and make well-informed beauty choices. Honest, global and just one click away.

Are you ready for it? Join The Coucou Club