Ilja Guepin

No new kid on the block. Ilja is a renowned make-up artist and stylist with many years experience working for high-end make-up and fashion brands, magazines and with a specialization in flawless face make-up. Yes, please!

Ilja Guepin

A little background:
Happy 35 years old allround make-up artist living in Rotterdam. Worked for big brands such as Sephora, Inglot, Dior and as freelancer for Laura Mercier. Oh and loves good food, art and pilates!

What do you focus on curating beauty products?
Texture, smell, looks, but most of all: Do I want to apply it on my own face on my mother's, my sister's, friends and customers? And does the product do what it says on the packaging?

Best beauty advice ever?
Stay close to your own beauty and embrace what you have. Skin first, make-up second! Your base has to be flawless to rock a beautiful red lipstick. And yes, I believe in a good morning and evening cleansing and skincare routine. And if you’re tired keep your eye make-up simple and fresh and your hair big! Focus on the best parts instead of covering the things you don't like. 

Made her Coucou Cut
Face Primer

Face Primer

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Super light demi-matte.

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