An Dang

Started beauty blogging in 2016 and hasn't stopped since. With a special love for products that are not available in The Netherlands yet, she always has her eyes open for "what's next"!

An Dang
A little background?
I started as a beauty blogger in 2016 and slowly expanded my skills to product photography. I worked with international beauty brands on their branding, visuals and social media and tried many products that are not even available yet here. Now I work as a Content & PR manager for brands such as OLAPLEX, Tangle Teezer, invisibobble and many more and am still enjoying my freelance job as a beauty blogger.

What do you focus on curating products?
It must have a perfect mix of performance and aesthetics. I have a huge weakness for great unique concepts and especially when they have a cute packaging. When it comes to my skin it can handle a lot luckily, but as I'm having oily/acne-prone skin I'm very skeptical about mattifying or acne treatments products. I'm always on the lookout for new trends to try on.

What's your best beauty advice?
Invest in a great scalp product! When exfoliating and treating the scalp with the right products you will improve hair growth, remove build-up and stimulate blood circulation. This will all have a great effect on the conditions of your hair. Try to pair a scalp scrub with a great massage brush to really reach the roots.
Made her Coucou Cut
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Step 2: FOLLOW THE LIGHT Multi Acids & Vitamin C Radiance Peel

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Who better to try and test new products than yourself as your opinion is so valuable to us. Whenever we have concern-related products to test, think of acne-patches or scar and pigmentation products, we'll give a shout out on social media for you to join our test panel!
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While working in the beauty industry since age 17, Madelon gained a lot of knowledge and decided to start her own salon 4 years ago. With a specialty and focus in anti-aging, you can trust your skin in her hands.
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