Styled and shining hair every minute of the day?!

Styled and shining hair every minute of the day?!
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Coucou Cordless Hair Straightening Brush
This is your go-to hair tool if you're walking out of the gym, heading to a dinner straight after work, or if you're just not in the mood to spend a lot of time on doing your hair. When it's one of those days… this is the perfect tool for you! 

What is the Coucou Cordless Hair Straightening Brush?
This isn't a regular hair brush. The Coucou Cordless Hair Straightening Brush is an easy on-the-go must have! It's cordless and heats up in 1 to 2 minutes. Straighten your hair and make it shiny in just a few strokes. The compact and cordless design uses 5 temperature settings (120°C-200°C) and the latest in protective ceramic coating and shine-giving technology to get those effortless glowy locks. The tool has the power of a hair straightener with the ease of a hairbrush! Thanks to the anti-scald design it prevents heat damage, unlike other hair straighteners as it doesn't heat up your hair on both sides. 

How to use:

Check out the full How To Video here or keep reading!

For your very first use, charge for 3 hours before use. While charging, the LED lights will sequentially flash. When fully charged all LED lights will remain on. Please note tool cannot be used while charging.

- Make sure hair is clean, completely dry and detangled. Optional: Apply heat spray for extra protection. 

- Turn ON / OFF: Press 2 seconds to boot and shut down. 

- Adjust heat: Use Temperature Control Button to select temperature. Our advice: 120°C, 140°C for fine, delicate, bleached hair / 160°C, 180°C for normal, wavy hair and 200°C for curly hair. When set temperature is reached, LED light will stay on.

- Divide hair in sections up to 4cms width and stretch hair lock with your free hand. 

- Sleek/ Smooth Hair Style: Stroke brush slowly from root to tip as you would with a paddle brush.Soft/ Voluminous Hair Style: Apply brush under hair section and with slow rotating wrist movements create a wave while brushing through. 

- Do not use in the same place for more than 10 seconds. 

-  Continue step 6 for all hair sections and shut down tool. 

-  After every use, charge tool so you can don’t have to charge it before next use. 

- Don’t forget to remove USB cable after use and allow tool to cool before storing in velvet pouch.  




- Straightens, polishes and de-frizzes hair

- With ceramic bristles and shine-giving ionic technology

- Anti-scald design that protects hair and scalp from heat damage

- 5 temperature settings for multiple hair types and textures (120c - 200c)

- Cordless and portable for on-the-go touch ups

- Comes with pink velvet storage pouch

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Coucou Cordless Hair Straightening Brush

Coucou Cordless Hair Straightening Brush

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