Jessica Scholten

A role model in nail-art world. Her impeccable work has been recognized by world-renowned brands, magazines and all possible Fashion Weeks out there. As she's hardworking, extremely successful and humble - it's an honor to wear one of her designs!

Jessica Scholten

A little background:
It all started about 10 years ago when I found a way to turn my longterm nail obsession into a job - Not knowing I would eventually work for leading magazines both in Holland and abroad, and be part of Fashion Week New York, Paris, London and Milan. Last year I fulfilled a dream opening LAKWERK where I, together with our mega talented and passionate nail techs, was able to put my profession on the map! 

When you curate products, what determines that it makes the Coucou Cut?
Most importantly, I instantly need to fall in love with it. This can be in various ways; what it looks like, how it feels, the quality, the result. As long as there's an X-factor that "wows" me. 

What is your ultimate beauty advice?
Make sure you take care of your nails, it gives so much more joy to life! Your nails are the one thing you constantly see and when done nicely it simply enhances your confidentiality and happiness! (
scientifically proven by the way;)). 

Made her Coucou Cut
Coucou Nail Art: The Collection

Coucou Nail Art: The Collection

€36 €21,60
3 Sets
Nail-ed it!

Coucou Nail Art: The LAKWERK Sheet

1 Set
Nails like Jessica Scholten.

Coucou Nail Art: The Coucou Sheet

1 Set
Coucou colorful nails.

Coucou Nail Art: The Basic Sheet

1 Set
For the not so basic b*tches.

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