A little background:
I am a beauty journalist with a big beauty heart. I started my beauty career in 1997 and have build solid expertise over the years. Working freelance for Mirror Mirror, ELLE, VOL Magazine and Women's Health, I dive deep into every matter: from crazy beauty trends to serious articles about sustainable cosmetics. After all those years, new beauty products can still fill me with excitement and anticipation: will this product be the next breakthrough?

What do you focus on curating beauty products?
I focus on the ingredients and the science + sourcing behind them. I also look at how sustainable a product is, since I'm very curious how companies try to incorporate ingredients that really do what they claim and still can be as green as possible for the user and the planet. So, how does beauty science meet organic harvested ingredients and how do they perform?
Best beauty advice ever?
Take good care of your skin, because your skin takes care of you! And: good skincare does not have to cost the world. Cleanse, treat and protect your skin every day and your skin will be as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside.