A little background
After ten years of experience in the beauty industry (living in a plane as THE market maker of 100% natural skincare brand Gamila Secret), Sharon decided to start her own business. With a background in organic food consultancy, orthomolecular nutrition and basic medical & psychological knowledge, Sharon knows everything about the power of nutrition. She’s currently the nutritional adviser at Femme Amsterdam and proud founder of Mommy Channel & Voedingmaaktjebeter.nl.

When you curate, what determines that it makes the Coucou Cut?
For me it’s all about liability of the product. Ingredients are key. What are the ingredients and how high is the concentration? Be aware that whatever you apply to your skin, will end up in your bloodstream. 

What is your best skincare advice?
My number 1 skincare advice is cleansing because oil, dirt and make-up can clog your pores. No matter in which state I am, I always cleanse my face before going to sleep. I even strongly advice to double cleanse: Start with an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based cleanser.