A little background info
Michael is better known as the popular and extravagant queen Megan Schoonbrood from Rotterdam and has been in the business for more than half his life. Over the years, she has emerged as a true shows diva. Megan Schoonbrood is sympathetic, articulate, extravagant, beautiful, classic and a tad ordinary. She has 23 number 1 pageant titles and received the Dusty Tiara for her many years of commitment to the LGBTI community. Driven by competitiveness and not afraid to take on a challenge… That’s why she has also competed in Hollands first ever RuPaul’s Drag Race!

What do you focus on curating products?
When curating products, I mainly focus on the ingredients, the shelf life and how what its distribution strategy is.

What is your best beauty advice?
Beauty comes from the inside, but it definitely helps to wash your face daily. It helps keeping the face fresh and clean!