A little background info
Since I started my all-round beautician training at 17 my passion for beauty increased every year. I have worked at many different salons where I gained lots of knowledge and experience. Four years ago I founded Madesalon, a place where I can help people with their skin problems and where I focus on the prevention of skin aging.

What do you focus on curating products?
As a skincare expert, I always pay a lot of attention to the ingredients and the formula of the products and that’s how I choose what suits my skin the best, but also what’s most suitable for my customers.

What is your best beauty advice?
Always wear SPF, even when it is winter and also on rainy days. This is your number 1 anti-aging cream! I also believe that a glowing skin does not only come from what you put on your skin but also comes from within. Don’t just focus on the outside but also on your nutrition and lifestyle. I also take these things into consideration at my salon with the help of orthomolecular advice.