A little background: 
I have worked within the skin and wellness industry for 23 years with a progressive not aggressive approach to treating the skin. I focus on my work as a facialist but have trained in some healing therapies like reflexology, massage and acupuncture which gives a more holistic element. My passion is using electrical currents and specifically my intelligent micro-current with a knowledge of frequencies to treat and heal the skin, alongside another love of mine, Light Therapy.  

A self-confessed beauty junkie, nothing gives me more pleasure than using amazing products that make a real difference to the skin. I love what I do and to help my clients with life changing skin issues is so rewarding.

What do you focus on curating products?
I look at the ingredients, but formula is king and also how it works with the skin chemistry. You need to give products time to work so give them a chance. Packaging isn’t particularly important to me, just a bonus if it’s lovely. I research the brand philosophy and unique selling point.

What is your ultimate beauty advice? 
Best beauty advice is to look after yourself as a whole! your skin is not isolated and everything is connected, little or big health issues can have a direct impact on your skin. Also consistency with any products, treatments, supplements, don’t do fads! and use the best you can afford.