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Which methods of payment do you accept? 
Payment is in Euros. We accept payment via Creditcard, iDeal, Paypal, Sofort banking, Klarna Afterpay and Bancontact.

Can I sell the products on my own site?
Unfortunately, all purchases sold at are only for your personal use. By purchasing our products, you agree not to resell or distribute them for any commercial purposes. Please be aware that we may reject or cancel an order if we have reason to believe that your order is not for your personal use.

Do you offer Wholesale?
For our own brand, The Coucou Club, we are always open to learn more. For the other brands it depends per brand. Please email your inquiry to so we can talk opportunities.

I emailed to hello@thecoucouclub but haven’t heard back yet. What should I do?
The Coucou Club is based in Amsterdam and our hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm (CEST). We aim to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours so please hold tight - we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Do I need an account to buy from The Coucou Club? 
You do not need an account. However, it’s free to set one up and makes the check-out process faster. It also enables you to view past orders.

Are all your products vegan?
You can recognize the brands and products that are vegan by the Vegan stamp. These can be found in the bottom of the product descriptions. The vegan stamp explains that the product does not contain any animal-by products or ingredients sourced from animals. It also indicates that the product is also not tested on animals.

Are all your products cruelty-free?
You can recognize the brands and products that are cruelty-free by the Cruelty-Free stamp. These can be found in the bottom of the product descriptions. This stamp indicates that the product and the containing ingredients are not tested on animals. 

Are all your products considered 'Clean beauty'?
You can recognize the brands and products that are clean by the Clean Beauty stamp. These can be found in the bottom of the product descriptions. This stamp to us means that products are non-toxic, mindfully created and without a long list of ingredients linked to harmful health and environmental effects.

I would like my brand to be featured on your website, is that possible? 
We are always on the lookout for the next big thing! Feel free to email us so we can review your inquiry with our Expert Panel.

What does the Coucou Cut mean?
A set of criteria by which our experts (doctors, dermatologists, make-up artists etc.) test beauty products in order to make a selection of the best of world’s beauty from all corners of the world.


FAQ on the "Coucou" Products

Coucou Jade and Coucou Rose Quartz Rollers

What is the difference between the Jade and the Rose Quartz Roller?
Both rollers have the same soothing benefits that facial rolling provides. However, there are differences related to the type of material, stone (Jade) vs. crystal (Rose Quartz). The difference between these two can be found in their different energy fields from a holistic healing point of view. Jade is known to help relax the nervous system and eliminates toxins from the skin. It is also believed to balance the body & mind connection and dispel bad energy. The Rose Quartz crystal is commonly referred to as the love-stone: it heals and attracts self-love and love for others, raises self-esteem and restores confidence. On top of that ancient Egyptians trusted Rose Quartz to have anti-aging properties. Rose Quartz is slightly more rare to source than Jade, which explains the price difference.

Are your stones and crystals authentic?
Yes, both the stones and crystals are 100% authentic and we’ve put a lot of effort and caution sourcing the materials. Our Jade stone is sourced from China’s Xiuyan area and our Rose Quartz is from Brazil. Please be aware that there are ‘fake’ rollers in circulation (e.g. made out of glass or other look-a-like materials).

Are all Jade and Rose Quartz Rollers identical?
Due to natural variations in the stones and crystals, every Coucou Roller is unique in pattern and colour. It’s likely that you’ll find a variance in shape and weight because the materials are all hand polished. Which is why the actual product you receive may vary slightly from the picture on the product page.

Any tips on how to clean the rollers? 
The most important thing is to make sure you don’t roll makeup and dirt into your skin, and only use your Jade Roller on clean skin (or after applying moisturiser or serum). If you use your roller frequently, sanitize it on a regular basis so you don’t spread bacteria on your skin. Wipe the roller gently with a soft damp cloth and air dry before storing in your bubble pouch.

How do I store my roller(s)?
All our rollers come with a travel pouch to keep them safe both at home and on the road. When you’re at home we suggest to keep it in the fridge for an added cooling and depuffing effect.

Coucou Body Roller

What is the Coucou Body roller?

The Coucou Body Roller is a sonic vibrating Y-shaped massager with built-in tourmaline stones. The newest Coucou beauty tool is completely inspired by South America - especially Brazil - where massage and lymphatic drainage are more the rule than the exception in the daily routine.

What's a tourmaline stone?
The tourmaline stone is mined in Brazil and is very popular in cosmetics. Our body consists of positive and negative ions. Stress, little sleep and too little oxygen disturb this balance. Also, positively charged electronic devices such as your phone and laptop contribute to this. Too many positive ions cause illness, slow down the immune system and accelerate the aging process. Tourmaline stone balances these ions. Negative ions, on the other hand, facilitate oxygen to your cells, improve blood circulation and the natural ability to heal. For those who believe in the mental power, tourmaline brings inspiration and happiness and tourmaline would increase the feeling of self-confidence.

What are the benefits of the Coucou Body Roller?
The roller stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage thus reducing puffiness and evening out skin tone. The elimination of toxins creates more room for healthy nutrients to flow and nourish the skin: hello healthy glow. It helps to increase fresh blood and oxygen flow to the skin and cells, helping to feed skin cell renewal and skin metabolism. 

Coucou Nail Art Stickers

Why Nailart stickers?
Because nail art is everywhere and because we are huge fans of our expert Jessica Scholten's work. We get it: DIY nail art is hard, but we just made it super easy for you with our Coucou Nail Art Stickers: You can personalize your design, stick it, apply top coat and there you are. Nail art magic done. Get coucou: Mix and match your favorite icons with our other nail art styles and you’re about to earn countless likes.

How many sheets are in one package?
We offer 3 styles: Basic, Coucou and LAKWERK. All packages contain 2 sheets. So with the Coucou Nail Art: The Collection you get a total of 6 sheets!