A little background.
Elise is a renowned K-Beauty expert who we're proud to introduce as our 'Asia Ambassador'. She knows everything you need to know about this so-called 'high maintenance' Asian beauty lifestyle. The true love for K-Beauty started around 2010, when the blog Memorable days was born. About 2 years ago she launched Soko Beauty: a multimedia platform where Instagram and her own YouTube channel take the lead.

When you curate products, what determines that it makes the Coucou Cut?
I always try skincare products at least a month before writing a review about it. While reviewing I mainly look at the ingredients. Can you combine it with other ingredients without harming your skin? I feel like people need more detailed information about what’s actually in beauty products. My advice is to look at the first 5 ingredients - as these have the highest concentration.

What is your ultimate beauty advice?
Best advice I can give you is to use sunscreen every single day, even in Winter, even if you are indoors. The sun can cause skin damage really quickly and I wish I knew this earlier so I would have avoided my dark spots.