A little background:
Louise is a medical doctor with an extensive research background in Women’s Health at the AMC in Amsterdam and The Harvard Wyss Institute in Boston. Louise is the founder of The Core Womencare., an initiative that aims at educating and inspiring women on health and wellbeing.

When you curate products, what determines that it makes the Coucou Cut?
I find it very important that the claims are real- there has to be science to back it up. Any company can claim their products work but do they really have the promised effect backed up by science? Meanwhile I am a big natural product advocate. Ultimately most commercial products are chemically produced variants of natural resources.

What is your ultimate beauty advice?
SLEEP. People often forget about it. If you don’t sleep enough you don’t recover and you don’t allow your cells to rest. We are mostly active during the day and many of us experience stress. Research suggests that chronic stress - both psychological and cellular - can dramatically shorten telomere length in your DNA, causing cells to age and die prematurely. The most important thing you can do yourself to promote proper cell function is a combination of getting proper nutrients, lots of water, regular detoxification and above all: REST.