A little background:
Charlotte is a hairdresser with 10+ years experience. She's known for her color skills and creating sexy wearable hair. After working for a big international brand for several years, she decided to create her own brand væn.ə.t̬i. This salon has opened it's doors in 2017 in Amsterdam and it's been a succes from day one! To create her signature effortless looks, good products are a must. 

When you curate products, what determines that it makes the Coucou Cut?
As we have a great expert panel of scientist that will know everything about the ingredients, I will focus on the story behind the brand, the results and the whole experience with the product. What I find important is that it looks nice, smells nice and feels nice and is easy to use.

What is your ultimate beauty advice?
My best beauty advice is to focus on what your hair type is and then adjust your haircare to this. Don't use more than 2/3 styling products at a time and try to avoid using too much heat and chemical treatments. And don't forget to give your hair some extra love every now and then ;)