A little background: 
After completing my training as a beautician, I gained experience in various disciplines in skin improvement: From botox and fillers to acupuncture and connective tissue massage. After doing lots of research on all the different methods, the power of nature appealed to me the most. The unique possibilities of the body to stimulate, improve and recover itself fascinates me. An 8-year Classical Acupuncture course followed combined with a specialization in connective tissue massage. I pursued my dream launched "De Bindweefselbar" in Amsterdam in 2017. 

What do you focus on curating products?
Whether it's easy to fit the product into your beauty routine, the sustainability, how the product is made and what the purpose of the product is. 

What is your ultimate beauty advice? 
Aah so many! But my all time favourite is a nourishing facial mask. So easy to incorporate in your routine and really gives that finishing touch.