Hi, hey, coucou (yes, that's hello in French)!

We are Charlotte & Philippine, the founders of The Coucou Club.

Inspired by ancient rituals and the latest beauty trends, we bring you skincare tools and accessories to make your beauty routine more effective and fun! With Coucou we want to show you how fun and important taking care of yourself through beauty truly is.

For us, beauty is an essential part of self-care. It's about having the knowledge and tools to take control of your beauty routine, allowing you to do something just for yourself.

In the past years, our own beauty tool brand, along with our Coucouture merch line, has grown into much more than a passion project. We proudly launched over 30+ Coucou products available in established European department stores, won 3 prestigious beauty awards, and our mission to bring Coucou vibes to every bathroom is becoming more visible thanks to you every day! 

But wait, there's more!

You've been asking for more Coucou, and guess what? We listened closely and have been working behind the scenes to bring you a brand-new addition to the Coucou family – skincare!

We can't wait to provide you with a complete beauty experience from top-notch beauty tools to skincare essentials and our bestselling Coucouture line so you can look cute while doing it.

Create your own at-home Coucou Spa and get Coucou with us!

Love, Charlotte & Philippine

We source

the best beauty rituals, all-time heroes and latest rends.

We curate

with our Experts to decide what makes the Coucou Cut.

We explain

so you can make well-informed beauty choices.

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