A little background?
In addition to being the author of the book FLAWLESS, I'm a master make-up artist, where I give masterclasses to business women. I am also a teacher, public speaker and beauty / lifestyle columnist for Masters magazine.

I also have a well-visited platform of my own: FABELISH.com, "an international reference guide" where I write beauty reviews and cut through the clutter for my visitors. The platform covers (besides beauty) also fashion and lifestyle related topics. As a content creator and influencer I work with companies to share my expertise through seminars, meet & greets, workshops and campaigns!

What do you focus on curating products?
Wear sunscreen with a high SPF on a daily basis. Yes, even when it's rainy or cloudy.  The sun's ultraviolet rays pass through the clouds. Your skin will thank you later. - Amanda Rijff
Your best beauty advice? 
Basically, it's a total package deal for me. The product design, the ingredients, and if it delivers what the product claims. The three main pillars should be proportionately sufficient.