Vitamin E

Purpose(s): Antioxidant

The best fat-soluble antioxidant in our skin and therefore easy to absorb. It protects against UVB rays, makes skin smooth and is a super hero when it comes to protecting the skin cells against free-radicals that are out to destroy collagen (the protein that makes our skin nice, firm and plumped). The 'd' before alpha indicates that this product contains the natural form (instead of the synthetic derived Vitamin E). The 'alpha' indicates that this type of tocopherol is the most active one with the best antioxidant qualities.

Vitamin E
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Wake Me Up Collagen Eye Patches

1 Mask & More
Hides dark circles from last night ;).
Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original

Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original

Cleansing balm to melt away impurities.

Hyaluronic Intensive Treatment Mask

1 Mask & More
The face-reboosting sheet mask.
Free Coucou Fluffy Makeup Bag with 2 Coucou Tools

Chin & Cheek Lifting Mask

1 Mask & More
Bye bye sagging skin, hello jawline.
Lip Balm SPF 50

Lip Balm SPF 50

Nobody deserves a burned pout.

Water Sleeping Mask_EX

Your overnight hydrating facial.

Universal Emulsion

Next level multi-tasking moisturizer.
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Miraculous Oil

Miraculous Oil

Repair & grow.

Lifting Collagen Mask

1 Mask & More
For boosting your face’s V-shape.

Electrogel Cleanser

Cleanser and detoxifying mask in one.

The Lip Mask 5 pack

Box - 5 Masks
Wanna makeout?

Hand Repairing Gloves

1 Mask & More
Handcare is not to be forgotten.

Whipped Shea Crème

Shine & moisturise.

Daily Intimate Wash

Violet Cotton & More
A silky soft #vulvalution.

Supa Balm Rose

Supa dupa rosy lips.
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