Air Dry Foam
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Air Dry Foam

Gorg waves, no blow drying needed.

Chill Pills

Your fizzy adult bath bomb.

Curl Crème

For our curlfriends.
Free Coucou Fluffy Makeup Bag with 2 Coucou Tools

Detox Shampoo

Hit the reset button on hair & scalp.

Fine Hair Conditioner

Adding volume to fine hair.

Fine Hair Shampoo

Adding volume to fine hair.
Fine Hair Shampoo + Conditioner

Fine Hair Shampoo + Conditioner

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Fine/ Medium Hair Treatment Masque

Go from dry to fly.

Finishing Crème

Protect against heat styling.

Hair Oil

Lifesaver for your hair.

Hand Lotion

Future is in your hands.

Hand Wash

Wash-a-ouai bad vibes.

Heat Protection Spray

Heat protecting hairspray.

Leave In Conditioner Spray

Detangles knotty hair.

Matte Pomade

For a done or undone look.
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