Body Cleanser St. Barts
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Body Cleanser St. Barts

Vacay is only a shower a-OUAI

Chill Pills

Your fizzy adult bath bomb.

Curl Crème

For our curlfriends.
Free Coucou Smiley Bag with 2 Coucou Tools

Detox Shampoo

Hit the reset button on hair & scalp.

Fine Hair Conditioner

Adding volume to fine hair.

Fine Hair Shampoo

Adding volume to fine hair.

Fine Hair Shampoo + Conditioner

Tired of saying I'm Fine? Us too.
Take the Skin Quiz
Beauty should be fun, not confusing. Let us help you find your routine.

Fine/ Medium Hair Treatment Masque

Go from dry to fly.

Hair Oil

Lifesaver for your hair.

Hand Lotion

Future is in your hands.

Hand Wash

Wash-a-ouai bad vibes.

Heat Protection Spray

Heat protecting hairspray.

Leave In Conditioner Spray

Detangles knotty hair.

Matte Pomade

For a done or undone look.

Medium Hair Conditioner

For weightless hydration.
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