Cosmic Dealer

Think of the Cosmic Dealer as your Ayurvedic wellness guru.  Ahead of the "mainstream wellness pack", this female founded cult brand from Paris looks at Ayurveda through a modern lens. Functional products that cater to our ever-evolving wellness needs like a tongue scraper, oil pulling spray and incense. Approved by Expert Drs. Louise Lagendijk.

Cosmic Dealer
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Ayurvedic Copper Tongue Cleaner

Ayurvedic Copper Tongue Cleaner

€21 €16,80
Improve oral hygiene.

Female Orgy Incense - Jatamansi (Night)

Incense for calm exotic nights.

Yoga Shala Incense - Sandalwood (Day)

Incense for calm yoga days.

The Tongue Care Set

Fresh breath & healthy gums duo.

Once Upon a Time in Ibiza Incense - Summer Pine (Afternoon)

The scent of Ibiza.

Botanical Bouche - Natural Oil Mouthwash Spray

Oil-based mouthwash for healthy gums.

Dance of the Cinnamon Moon Incense - Cinnamon (Ceremonial)

Full moon vibes.
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