Bath & Shower

The products you use in the shower or add to your bath are just as important as your skincare routine. Make sure your products won’t disrupt your PH level and soothe your body instead of drying it out...Discover our picks of lovely-scented, clean & non-irritable bath and shower products to treat yourself or a loved one to an at-home Coucou spa experience.

Bath & Shower
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Scalp and Body Scrub

Rehab for the scalp, it exists.

Daily Intimate Wash

Violet Cotton & More
A silky soft #vulvalution.

Chill Pills

Your fizzy adult bath bomb.
Free Coucou Fluffy Makeup Bag with 2 Coucou Tools

Mama Calm Bath Soak

Coconut baths noise cancellation.

Miracle Bar

Charcoal soap for blemishes.

Cloud Bar

Hydrating & calming soap bar.

Intimate Cleansing Oil

Fresh and smooth, boost and soothe.
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Gentle Bubble Bath

Your vulva-friendly bubble party.

Ritual Bar

Detoxifying & smoothing soap bar.

Silk Scrub

FURy gentle and exfoliating.

Bath Drops

Your ultimate self-care bathing buddies!
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