Meet Cosmic Dealer your future guru.

Come and meet Cosmic Dealer: Your new cool-Aryuvedic science guiding light. 

If your guru was actually your friend, and your friend was actually someone who spent their time dedicated to producing niche wellness goods, it would be Cosmic Dealer. At Cosmic Dealer, they look at Ayurveda (the traditional Hindu system of medicine) through a modern lens. Creating functional products that cater to our ever-evolving wellness needs. Not everyone might get it, but that’s cool.We’re going ahead of the mainstream wellness pack and we like it here.

Meet the founder
From fashionista switched to yoga teacher and now her own brand in holistic tools. Monique wanted to start her own brand for a long time, one day she woke up and knew what it was! She had been living in Paris for a few years then, working in the fashion industry, and the livestyle was starting to take a toll on her health. So she started to go down the path of ancient holistic philosophies and fell headfirst into the amazing world of Ayurveda. At the end of the retreat I remember our teacher announcing: “if there is one thing you take away from this retreat, it’s that you should scrape your tongue every morning, because it will literally change your life.”And indeed it did, said Monique. 

Let’s get you hooked.
Now, further into your next obsession, the products! The first product is the tongue cleaner. Monique Foy could never find good quality and beautiful tongue cleaner, so she decided to make one herself. This tongue cleaner not only looks fancy but also works. The second products are inspired by the Ayurveda lifestyle so she made two different incense. Both are made of 100% natural aromatic and no chemicals. 

Say ‘aaaaaa’
You may wonder, a tongue cleaner? Why should I be using that? Glad you asked. A tongue cleaner may not sound very sexy at first but let’s get into the benefits. Cleaning your tongue will not only improve breath and oral hygiene but will also improve digestion. If you clean your tongue often you will have a heightened sense of taste and it will balance the oral microbiome. So for these results every morning as soon as you wake, scrape the layer of bacteria that has built up on the tongue overnight. Did you know that these bacteria is what’s causes the *morning breath* and fuzzy feeling on your tongue? The mouth is one of the first lines of defence for the immune system, having a healthy oral microbiome is an important part of keeping you healthy! 

Love at first incense

The vegan, ethically-made, 100% natural aromatic Ayurvedic incense is your one way ticket to a relaxing galaxy. Made
Made from 100% natural aromatic Ayurvedic herbs, woods and medicinal plants and free from all dodgy stuff you find in suspiciously cheap incense. And most important not overpowering! You heard that right, an incense that will relax the mind, not give it a bigger headache. Cosmic Dealer considers that when using incense for scent therapy, it has to be pure, high-quality and plant-based and we love them for that.

Take me to the yoga shala 

Be instantly transported to that Yoga Shala that you like: where a soft, mystic scent dances through the air. Smells like sandalwood and himalaya herbs are a crowd-pleaser. This incense is perfect for daytime. It increases calm and focus and reduces stress or anxiety. 

I found myself a female orgy 

Be instantly transported to a sensual exotic place: where a group of beautiful women gather in celebration of the female form. It smells like jatamansi and himalaya herbs. This incense is good for the evening. In need of a little extra while you meditate? This incense is the perfect fit, plus the smell is amazing.

Us Coucou girls are hooked on the products, not to mention totally relaxed. Find us at the office, completely chill. Stress? We don’t know her.
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