The difference between all HoliFrog cleansers

The difference between all HoliFrog cleansers
- Meet the brand

Hi, Hey, QUACK!

Let's start with two facts about frogs:

  1. They do not turn into a prince when you kiss them (sorry)
  2. A frog’s skin absorbs everything in its surrounding.

Why are we telling you this?
Just like frogs, our skin is part of a larger ecosystem, that’s connected to our mind and body’s health. Oh, AND because we just launched a new brand that has something to do with frogs: HoliFrog! Frog’s skin absorbs everything in its surroundings and as a result, they can’t survive in toxic environments. Scientists study them to monitor pollution levels. Our skin is thicker than frog’s but we live in toxic environments too, filled with free radicals, questionable air quality, and haters on the gram. When we wash our faces, our pores are at their most dilated and permeable, like a frog’s. HoliFrog uses bioactive ingredients that give positive results, nothing toxic, nothing irritating. This buzzy cleanser brand will keep you from ever skipping your AM and PM face wash again, HoliFrog’s effective, skin-friendly formulas speak to a range of skin-moods, from dry to sensitive, to oily and acne-prone, to somewhere in between. Because there’s ‘no one size fits all’ when it comes to cleansers!

Let’s take a look at all the HoliFrog products, to see which one is gonna be your next perfect fit.

Superior Omega Nutritive Gel Wash
superior in cleansing, not in attitude

The refreshing feel of a foaming wash. Meant for everyday use, this gel wash lifts away impurities without over-cleansing the skin. Loaded with probiotics, fatty acids, and vitamins to feed the skin and keep it from drying out.

For all skin types, but especially nice for oily or oily-combination skin (skin that gets shiny in the t-zone early in the day), or any skin type that needs a deep clean.

Shasta AHA Refining Acid Wash
white-glove service for your pores

Clogged pores, rough texture, a zit or two (or five), overall dullness, or just simply a look of blah can all be treated with proper exfoliation. HoliFrog mixed smoothing and brightening acids to penetrate into your skin while you wash. Soothing non-fragrant botanicals reduce irritation and keep skin nice and hydrated.

For all skin types, but especially nice for treating breakouts, congestion, large pores, dullness, and rough texture.

Tashmoo Water Lily Nourishing Milky Wash
comfort blanket meets comfort cleanser

Soothing botanical extracts gently remove makeup and debris, without stripping the skin from its natural oils. We also love this cleanser for any skin type that needs a little extra love, whether from over-exfoliating, aggressive treatments, or seasonal changes.

For all skin types, but especially nice for dry to dry-combination skin (skin that gets shiny in the t-zone late in the day).

Kissimmee Vitamin F Therapy Balmy Wash
does the hard work with a soft touch

When your skin is chronically dry, or just dry right now, you need a wash that won’t suck the life out of your already-parched face but will leave a fresh, bouncy glow. HoliFrog blended the best moisture-preserving ingredients and left out anything that could potentially disrupt your skin's barrier and make it drier.

For all skin types, but especially nice for dry skin and perfect to wash away oily makeup and sunscreen, which makes it the perfect first step in a double cleanse routine.

Como Popp-E Renewal Scrubby Wash
scrubs smarter, not harder

A gentle and effective formula that gives you the freshly polished gratifying sensation of manual exfoliation without traumatizing your skin’s barrier with overly harsh, jagged bits of shells or sandpaper. Think soft, not scratchy. Smooth, round Poppy Seeds, and Bamboo Powder team up with a nourishing gel-oil base for a hydrating, cushiony, soft, dewy, polished complexion.

The most polite face scrub yet for all skin types.

Sunapee Sacred-C Brightening Powder Wash
lather, rinse, reveal brighter skin

When your skin’s been looking and feeling a bit 'meh', this is the gentle nudge towards smoother, brighter, happy skin. The concentrated powder formula makes it travel-friendly as well as environment-friendly. Its blend of gentle plant-based enzymes, powerful antioxidants, and cushiony hydrators work to effectively and gently fine-tune your complexion: Leaves skin smooth and bouncy and brightens and refines texture for a more polished complexion.

For any skin type (even you sensitive ones) in need of a fine tune-up.

Galilee Antioxidant Dewy Drop
glass skin in a serum

This lightweight, silky texture serum acts as a hydrating emulsion for those who don’t want heavy or thick moisturizers but still need a self-sealing layer of hydration. With moisture-attracting humectants, vitamins and antioxidants from plant-based oils, and skin-strengthening botanical extracts, this is your perfect date: incredibly smooth, impresses everyone it meets, leaves you softer than before, and doesn’t come with any unnecessary and potentially harmful baggage.

any skin type with soft, bouncy, and dewy ambitions (so all).

So let’s wash and get Frogged!

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Sunapee Sacred-C Brightening Powder Wash

Sunapee Sacred-C Brightening Powder Wash

€44 €26,40
Lather, rinse, reveal brighter skin.
Como Popp-E Renewal Scrubby Wash

Como Popp-E Renewal Scrubby Wash

€40 €24
Scrubs smarter, not harder.
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