PSA says Coucou to your new & simple skincare routine

PSA says Coucou to your new & simple skincare routine
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Rough day? We hear you! Ending a busy and complex work or school day can be tough. Sometimes we just want simplicity, while still enjoying ourselves and feeling good in our own skin. And no, that is not too much to ask. An inspiring and beautiful company that agrees with this is Allies Of Skin. Allies of Skin is a Singapore-based beauty brand, known for its beautiful and aesthetically pleasing products that people swear by. The same founder of this highly popular product line has now launched Allies’ more accessible and Millennial-targeted little sister: PSA Skins. This colourful and bubbly brand values diversity, effectivity and affordability, in combination with being cruelty-free, clinically proven and clean. Their products are easy to use and don’t include any irritants. Can this get any more exciting?!

Not only are the products stupid-simple to use, PSA gives a step-by-step product list to level-up your skin routine. So, let’s Cleanse, Tone, Boost and Moisturise!

Sometimes you just need to press Reset

How about we start this routine clean and irritants free? Sounds good right? Let’s wash off this horrible day! PSA’s Reset cleanser deeply washes remaining make-up that looked amazing on you during the day but you want to lose for the night, and makes sure it simultaneously infuses the skin with essential moisture and nutrients. It smells amazing due to the touch of acai and pomegranate while it starts the process of destressing and relaxing.

Light Up! Your future’s looking bright

It’s time to mask and tone. Massage the Light Up mask into that glowy face of yours to make it shine even more. This extremely moisturising product with vitamin E and grapeseed oil will make you regret all your previously bought masks. To take this up a notch, go get yourself the Heroine toner. The toner will brighten your skin even more while calming every little irritant on there. Glow, glow, glow!

Success doesn’t come overnight, but it helps having
Goals! Now make place for a multi acids & probiotics perfecting night serum. If you are looking for something that keeps on working, even when you have decided to call it a day, the Goals night serum is going to be your bestie. It reduces the appearance of imperfections, dark spots and large pores while you sleep and prepares you for rocking it the next day. Use an SPF the next morning and you are ready to go.

Always finishing the day with some
Midnight Courage…

As if these gorgeous products aren’t enough, PSA ends the night with the dreamy moisturizer. Strengthening the effect of the night serum even more, the Midnight Courage night oil prepares the skin for a good night sleep and makes sure you wake up perfectly moisturized. This beautiful and gloomy oil helps reduce appearance of dark spots and fines lines while balancing uneven tone and improving moisture levels for brighter-looking skin that feels softer over time. Go to sleep and wake up feeling better than ever.

Didn’t we tell you it was easy? And look at that beautiful and clean face! We’re hooked… aren’t you?

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Step 3: THE MOST Hyaluronic Super Nutrient Hydration Serum

For thirsty, dehydrated skin.

Step 1: RESET Acai & Manuka Honey Nourishing Cleanser

Never forget to cleanse.

Step 3: LIQUID CLARITY BHA & Bakuchiol Blemish Recovery Booster

The first aid kit for your skin recovery.

Step 4: MIDNIGHT COURAGE Rosehip & Bakuchiol Retinol Night Oil

Your nightly face oil.

Step 2: LIGHT UP Vitamin C & E Flash Brightening Mask

For instant radiant skin.

Step 2: HEROINE Mandelic & Licorice Superfood Glow Toner

AHA toner for ultimate glow.

Step 2: FOLLOW THE LIGHT Multi Acids & Vitamin C Radiance Peel

Glow-inducing weekly peel.
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