How to wash your face with HoliFrog

How to wash your face with HoliFrog
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We all know how to wash our faces. Right? It seems like such a basic thing to do. There’s no logic, don't think about it, you just do it. Cleanser brand HoliFrog however, does have a theory, a logic, a routine. Let this be your first lesson in how to wash your face the LOGICAL way.

A new day means a new 1-Minute AM Wash!
Gooood morning, it’s a brand new day! Stretch, make yourself a cup of tea and wash your face. Washing your face is the most important step, as your morning cleanse prepares your skin for the layers of skincare products you’ll put on next. It’s like giving yourself a clean slate, a blank canvas, a fresh start.

HoliFrog’s theory, The HoliWash Cycle, is to make your morning cleanse last a full minute(!). This minute may feel like a lifetime at first, but it takes the full 60 seconds to give the formula’s actives a proper amount of time to get intimate with those pores and do their work. Think of it like a face wash sandwich: 30 seconds to dislodge any dirt and emulsify sebum, 30 seconds for the formula to penetrate your pores, and in between you’ve got a very nice mini facial massage in the morning, just to wake you up and start the day on a good note. Your skin deserves it.

Let’s wash the day away with a 2-Minute PM Wash!
Two minutes. The HoliGrail to your evening cleanse. At the end of the day, when getting ready to go to bed, you’re going to add a good cleanse to your routine! Your evening cleanse is the big wash, because now there are greater obstacles in the form of dirt, sweat, oil, sunscreen, makeup, environmental pollutants, and anything else that may have met your face throughout the day to remove. You may have been outside, in a busy foggy city, or in the relaxing nature, and this brings along some things you need to wash away at night. But you’re also tired, and when you want to go to bed two minutes might feel very long. However, clean skin takes time and nothing sabotages a good skincare routine like piling products on top of pre-clogged pores! So, this is where (double) cleansing comes in. Take one minute with a hardworking, yet gentle oil-based wash to emulsify and whisk off surface grime and makeup (this is where you get rid of all those that are not allowed). For part two, massage a follow-up wash around your face for another minute to oust any clingy residue as well as nourish your skin with its own formula’s actives. Your pores will get better rest and sleep easier at night, knowing that all of yesterday’s gunk is out of them.

Our Coucou Crew has been using this new washing lifestyle and is obsessed!

So keep on washing. It’s really satisfying, and even.. relaxing;)

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