Meet the DeoDoc Sisters - the Founders of our favorite vulva care!

Meet the DeoDoc Sisters - the Founders of our favorite vulva care!
- Founder Interview

#Vulvalution, Viva la Vulva, Vulvanation, Pussy Power or Pussy First - we love it all. With a mission to empower women, break taboos and to offer medically backed products for the vulva (not the vagina!), the 2 Swedish sisters Dr. Hedieh and Hasti Asadi started DeoDoc inn 2014. “There are too many brands claiming they are intimate skincare brands but have the wrong pH and ingredients that do more harm than good.” Read everything you want to know in the Q&A below!

1) Why and how did you start DeoDoc?
Prior to starting DeoDoc I (Hedieh) was working as a surgical resident at the University Hospital in Stockholm. Hasti is 6 years younger and was a last year student at Stockholm School of Economics. After personally experiencing that many intimate products on the market gave us and my patients problems, we decided to act and created the intimate skin care products we ourselves wanted to use.

Hedieh: We teamed up with professor Gunvor Ekman Ordeberg (a prominent OB/GYN within Women’s Health) to ensure the safest and most superior intimate skin care products. She confirmed that many of her patients also got problems with the existing products.

"We want to take responsibility as doctors and with our 50 years of medical and clinical experience, we are proud to offer the first intimate skin care brand founded by women doctors."

Hasti: Everything in this industry was stuck in the 80’s. There are hundreds of different creams for the eyes, for the hands or for the feet on the market, but the most delicate skin on our bodies, the intimate skin, only had one or two budget options. We wanted to change that. We should not be ashamed of using intimate skin care products. On the contrary – it shows that you are taking good care of your body and using the right products for its different areas.

2) What distinguishes DeoDoc from what's already out there?
Hedieh: We are the first and only intimate skin care brand founded and run by women doctors and OB/GYN!

3) Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
Hasti: We do not want to see another generation of women growing up without knowing their own female anatomy and how to take care of it. We want to empower women and break taboos.

Hedieh: But, most importantly we want to offer medically backed products. There are too many brands claiming they are intimate skin care brands, but they have the wrong pH, ingredients and are actually more harmful. We have a responsibility as doctors to react to the bad products in the market. Women deserve so much better.

Hey love, did you know there's an important difference between the Vulva and the Vagina? Find some facts below every single woman should know.

Vagina VS Vulva

  • Often the entire intimate female anatomy is wrongly referred to as the vagina.
  • Actually, your vagina is the internal canal that leads inward up to the cervix.
  • Everything else - the outer labia (lips), where your pubic hair grows, and the inner labia (the part your clothing does not touch) — is your vulva.

Want to know more? Read our blog on DeoDoc's 5 things every woman should know here.

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