Why Dry Brushing is your new exfoliation obsession!

Why and how to Coucou Dry Brush

Who doesn’t want brighter, softer and less bumpy skin? Admit it, you would try every beauty ritual out there that promesses healthier, brighter, glowy skin. And well, this ritual is no different and might be your next holy grail. Dry brushing your body is an Ayurvedic self care ritual that has been around for centuries. Loved by celebs like Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and named one of the biggest TikTok trends of the moment, it's a must have tool in your beauty tool line-up.

Dry brushing is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You take your Coucou Dry Brush and use it to gently massage your body in upward or circular motions and, guess what, on dry skin! This is one of those rare things that feels just as good when you do it to yourself as when someone does it for you and it’s super easy to incorporate into your routine. 

Ayurvedic self care ritual 
Ayurveda is a healthy way of living that focuses on maintaining good health and preventing and treating illness via lifestyle changes. Dry brushing, also known as "Garshana" in the Ayurvedic world, is an ideal practice for the kapha season, which runs from late winter to early spring. The snow is melting, the land is saturated, and flower pollen is borne on the air... this is the time of year when kapha can start to build up in the lymph and sinuses, causing stagnation throughout the body. Because dry brushing is stimulating, people who are predominantly kapha (the dosha of structure and lubrication) in their constitution will benefit from practicing dry brushing daily. Those who are predominantly pitta (the principle of digestion and metabolism) can do this practice 4-5 times per week. And those with more vata (the energy of movement) would best benefit from doing this practice 2-4 times per week. 

The benefits for your skin 
Dry brushing works by exfoliating the skin. The idea is that the coarse fibers will help to remove dead skin and improve the skin’s ability to eliminate toxins through the pores. Dry brushing has many benefits like exfoliating dead skin cells to improve penetration of your moisturizer, treating flaky skin and keratosis pilaris aka 'strawberry skin', unclogging pores, reducing ingrown hairs and detoxifying the skin, boosting blood circulation and getting smoother, softer and brighter skin. 

The Coucou Dry Brush is made out of 100% FSC certified bamboo wood and natural bristles. We added rubber nodules in the mix to give your blood circulation an extra boost. The hardness and firmness of the natural bristles is soft to medium, so it does not scratch the skin and makes it suitable for sensitive skin.

When to Dry Brush? 
It is best to perform your Dry Brush routine on dry skin and in the morning before you take a shower. Take 5 minutes to yourself while you massage your body, relax and think of your goals for the day. By doing this before your shower, you can wash away the dead cells that were lifted while Dry Brushing. You can do this ritual daily (if your skin is used to it), twice a week or whenever you feel like it. 

Your Dry Brushing guide to brighter skin
Always brush upward towards your heart. Use firm, small strokes, or work in circular motions. Apply slightly firm pressure, but don’t press too hard: Dry Brushing should be performed gently and should not cause skin damage. 

  1. Start at your ankle, brush from the front and back of your leg up towards your knees
  2. From your knee, brush upwards along the inner, outer and upper thighs
  3. Place the tool above the knee cavity and make up and sideward strokes towards the hips and lower back area
  4. Brush with upward strokes or circular motions over your stomach area. Don’t brush over breasts or nipples
  5. From your wrist make gentle strokes upwards along the lower and upper arms and shoulders

You should never use the Coucou Dry Brush on your face and neck, as your skin is thinner here in comparison to other parts of your body. 

Adding this to my morning routine ASAP…
This product wakes up your skin with a detox and exfoliation, leaving it to glow. There’s no better way to kickstart your day. The Coucou Dry Brush is for everyone who wants to treat their skin. That's what’s so great about it, you don’t need to be an expert in skincare to use this product. If you want to get smoother, softer and brighter skin or if you’re just a sucker for beauty rituals, this is your next must try product!

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