Which Shampoo is your OUAI to go?

Which Shampoo is your OUAI to go?
- Coucou College

OUAI at your service! What should you use for your hair type?
Founded by celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, this award-winning brand brings you haircare the easy OUAI. You're probably reading this because you're on a mission: Find the shampoo that suits your complicated hair needs and doesn't leave your wallet high and dry. We asked OUAI to be your personal shampoo matchmaker. In this blog, we narrow down the best shampoo for different hair types, including the struggles combination hair can bring. Stop jumping through hoops, and use this easy and comprehensive guide to (finally) find your shampoo soulmate—no bad blind dates required. FYI, all date’s do have the same signature scent: A luxurious mix of Italian Lemon, Turkish Rose, Jasmine, Iris, Lily and White Musk. Free of parabens and sulfates. Who doesn't love that?

1. Frizzy and Dry hair?
All fights against frizz should first be fought in the shower, and the same goes for repairing dry, brittle strands. Tame frizz and add mega shine by lathering with our award-winning Ouai Smooth Shampoo. The sulfate-free formula is gentle enough to cleanse, while also softening over-styled strands. Follow up with Ouai Repair Conditioner on your ends to lock in the  moisture before hopping out.

2. Frizzy and Curly hair?
Curls just want to have fun—and act like a frizzy fool sometimes too *SMH*. What's a girl to do in times like these? Reach for our Ouai Curl Shampoo, a light hydrating cleanser that leaves curls bouncy and frizz-free. 

3. Thin and Straight hair?
If your volume is constantly deflating like an undercooked soufflé, we’ve got a new recipe for you to try. To take your hair from flat to fierce Ouai Volume Shampoo is your go-to. Infused with the Smart Technology Complex, the body-building hydrator lifts lifeless locks while nourishing. Expect va-va-volume and a surviving smell of Ouai Volume Spray, which contains notes of Italian Lemon, Turkish Rose, and Jasmine Sambac.

4. Thin and Oily hair?
Combination hair can be tricky to treat but when you target the problems areas accordingly, it's smooth sailing. Show a greasy scalp who's the boss with Ouai Clean Shampoo. The equivalent of a detox for hair, this gentle cleanser eliminates buildup from oil, product residue, hard water and repairs simultaneously. Before blow drying or styling hair, spritz Ouai Volume Spray on roots in sections to make Brigitte Bardot proud.

5. Color-Damaged and Fine hair?
In case you forgot, all the shampoos are not only safe for color-treated hair, but also protect your color. If you get bored easily and switch colors often at the expense of breakage and fallout, repent your sins with Ouai Repair Shampoo to repair damage from chemicals, your kajillion color jobs and heat styling. Infused with an Amino Acid Blend, Ouai Repair Shampoo strengthens hair structure and fortifies the hair cuticle. 

6. Color-Damaged and Greasy hair?
SOS, split ends are snowing from your hair while your crown is oozing oil. Wash with Ouai Clean Shampoo to rid grease then pay your color-damaged ends some much needed attention with our Ouai Repair Conditioner. When that's not enough, call in the big guns—Ouai Hair Oil. Do as the Coucou Team and apply a few pumps on wet hair while in the shower. Allow the multitasking oil to absorb the steam and yield a double dose of moisture. 

7. Curly and Dry hair?
Curls need moisture to put their best bounce forward—it's a fact of life. If your curls are thirsty, serve them some Ouai Curl Shampoo. Rinse and then apply a Ouai Treatment Masque evenly from mid-shaft to ends, and leave on for at least five minutes. Your curls will absorb the healing mask's repairing ingredients and reap benefits even after you wash out the mask. Why? Because the formula's Smart Keratin increases resistance to future damage.

8. Curly and Coarse hair?
Coarse curls are merciless. That is, until Smooth Shampoo smooths things over. This replenishing formula didn't win Allure's Best of Beauty: Frizzy Hair award for no reason—curly girls from all over the globe swear by its frizz-fighting brawn. Tamarind Seed Extract promotes hydration while providing a velvety moisture barrier to keep hair hydrated. If you're dealing with coarse curl-induced comb breaks like in The Princess Diaries, add OUAI Smooth Conditioner or Curl Conditioner into the messy mix. 

*Blog courtesy of OUAI

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