Which celebrity Mitzy Malu wants to ‘glam’ and why her success is bigger than ever.

The makeup artist of Holland's movers and shakers - from Monica Geuze to Anna Drijver. A true natural beauty, cool girl, down to earth, knows what she wants and stands for. Born and raised in Amsterdam, with a resume to die for AND one of our Coucou Experts! So little time, so many questions.

Ok, so what is the first thing that comes to mind when we say the word ‘Beauty’?
Beauty to me means feeling good. If you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside. I like the fact that make-up can contribute to this ‘feeling good’. It enables you to accentuate features you like without changing too much. You remain yourself but make-up gives just that little extra. I love that this exists,  in my opinion it’s a beautiful thing.

The one make-up look that you feel best represents Mitzy?
Hmm, I would describe the ‘Mitzy-Look’ as glowy, flawless, natural and sun-kissed. And it needs some sexiness! Either a lip gloss, a good mascara or subtle seductive eye make-up. For me it’s most important that it has a ‘fresh’ touch. Make-up has to make you look younger, not older and more is definitely not always better.

“The Mitzy Look: Glowy, flawless, natural and sun-kissed. And it needs some sexiness!"

What is your ideal vision of the way society should see make-up?
Don’t take it all too serious. Make-up is fun. It’s not a solution to fix insecurities, see it as a cool way to represent and distinguish yourself. If you want to wear lots of make-up, you should do so ‘do it’, if you don’t feel comfortable, then just ‘don’t’. Experiment, try new and exciting things and just see what matches your personality.  

The one make-up product you can’t live without?
You probably don’t expect this, but I never take make-up with me when I go out. The only one thing I always carry with me is something for my lips. That’s all!

The one mistake you see women make when applying make-up.
Applying the wrong color foundation. Or it’s not blended well. Or their eyebrows! Actually quite a lot.. Oh no, this sounds terrible haha. Every individual has their own beauty routine and my way is definitely not the only right way. Especially when it comes to eyebrows, I notice women are hooked to what they know. Whenever I change someone’s eyebrow-look it can feel slightly uncomfortable. Eyebrows determine your entire look and appearance, it can make you unnecessarily look ‘harsh’.   

In a way I feel like you’re observing how my make-up is applied when I’m talking to you. Is that just a feeling or.. ?
Haha, I don’t focus on it per se but obviously I see it, it’s my job. Honestly I mainly notice specific features, like the length of the eyelashes or the shape of the eyebrow, cool features I would like to work with or accentuate.

You’ve traveled the world. Do you notice any differences in the way make-up is approached Globally?
Yeah, sure. In Latin-America and Spain they appreciate the glam, the going all-out and big hair, while the Scandics for example like to keep it clean, easy, less colorful - where the latter is more on par with the latest beauty trends. Looking at the Dutch I feel like there’s a shift taking place. The interest in beauty is clearly rising, both skincare and make-up, which in my opinion is the result of the younger generation doing their research, following trends across the world via social. Worldwide we’re all extremely connected which makes us ‘hungry’ for more, I’m liking it.  

How sensitive are you to new trends?
Not really. I really have my own style plus in make-up world the main trend has been ‘natural’ for quite a while now so that’s easy. When I look at pictures from back in the days though, I have to admit I really followed the trends haha, pretty funny. Where I thought I was sun-kissed, I looked close to a carrot and my eyebrows were way to thin!

What are your favorite Instagram accounts to follow?

Weirdest request from a client make-up wise ever?
Nothing too weird for me. Customer is king and talking is key - we’ll always find a way in the middle and make it beautiful!

Who is the one celebrity you’d love to glam? 
In the Netherlands def our very own Queen Máxima. I find her such a graceful and beautiful woman. The Royal Family feels like something unreachable, which makes it even more desirable. Across the border I’d say Jennifer Lawrence. So cool and she has beautiful features. Or J.LO, my inspiration and alter ego ;). Cindy Crawford together with her daughter are also on the bucket list! Lots to aim for.

Ever been nervous while doing a ‘celeb’s’ make-up?
Excited yes, really nervous mwaa. Especially in New York I’ve worked with well-known models. Of course you feel, let’s call it elevated, but eventually they are also just people and once I begin it’s not like that I start shaking or something haha.

Is it hard as a make-up artist to cater to all types of skins & all types of skin tones? 
During training you learn how to cater to every type of skin - all colors and skin types. I like the fact, and think it was about time, brands are developing more different shades for people to use at home as well.

The Who’s and Who’s in celeb land request you as their make-up artist. Spill it, what’s your secret?
Ha thanks for the compliment - I think it’s all about trust. From what I’ve heard it’s that they see me as a moment of rest. I’m a calm person, you don’t throw me off track quickly. You can imagine that usually people are in my chair the moment right before something exciting will take place. Their ‘face’ is in my hands, which means they have to surrender and trust me. This results in open conversations, even when we just met, I’ve had the best and deep deepest conversations with clients. I really cherish that and take confidentiality very serious seriously.

“Even when we just met, I’ve had the best and deepest conversations with clients. I really cherish that and take confidentiality very seriously.”

Biggest accomplishment so far?
Flying to New York twice a year for Fashion Week gives me the biggest kick. I still pinch myself sometimes while standing backstage at a big show - it’s a moment of realisation that I really love my job. The city is amazing, the best models, coolest trends with inspiration for days and most importantly everything is handled extremely professional. You shouldn’t underestimate it though. Days backstage and on set look very glamorous, but the days are long. I’m a perfectionist in what I do which requires a lot of energy. But.. when I return to my hotel room after a long and vibrant day - I will be the very last one to complain.

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