What the Freck!? Why the Founder wanted to prove the beauty standard wrong.

Remi Brixton (in the pic on the right, next to COO Des), Founder of Freck, under 30 and determined to prove the beauty standards wrong. It took her 2 full years to launch Freck, while learning the hard way you need a thick skin to start a cosmetics brand. "The competition is killing, you want to deliver quality and it's not as glamorous as it may seem." But she had a vision, and if you have one, she strongly encourages you to see where it leads..

We asked her about her mission and vision. 

Why and how did you start Freck?
I had the idea for Freck when I was in college- I was getting ready for a night out and wished that I could "just put freckles on", after my roommate said "me TOO", I said "they should make a freckle cosmetic product". Who's they? That was almost 9 years ago, and even when I started working on Freck a few years ago, the only response I got was that no one wanted freckles, everyone was trying to cover theirs up. I've always been into going against the grain-- I wanted to prove the beauty standard wrong, it's really satisfying to expand what people think is beautiful & provide products that work for our customers. 

"The only response I got was that no one wanted freckles, everyone was trying to cover theirs up."

What distinguishes Freck from what's already out there?

Freck exists because we (millennials) are tired of being sold drugstore quality products at designer prices. We believe that the beauty industry will not be a fair market until Gen Y & Z are given the formulas they deserve: with honest prices, cutting edge ingredients, obsession-worthy packaging, and chic branding that reflects our generation’s social standards.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

The puzzle. I look at starting a business like a giant puzzle, and solving problems is when I have my most creative ideas. In terms of people, my Aunt is the hardest working, most understanding & most positive person I know. She's literally my favorite human. Also, Alexa Chung, duh.

What are your future plans?

I try not to think about it too much because there's no way to know where Freck will be in even one year! I have new business ideas every day but right now I'm loving working on Freck full time, so I make the choice every morning to show up for Freck and hustle my ass off.

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