The Fur Guide: Fur Oil, Ingrown Concentrate and Stubble Cream. What to use when?

WHAT THE FUR? One of our bestselling brands explained.
Known for its vision on beauty inclusivity, Fur is designed to offer comfort and care for ALL skin and hair. Clean products that hydrate skin, soften hair and reduce ingrowns from head to toe. All products are created with the cleanest facial-grade, vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic ingredients that are dermatologically and gynaecologically tested. Safe to use for your most intimate areas! 

WHAT to use WHEN and HOW?

Fur Oil: Fur those into soft hair (& skin) 
This oil works with any skin care or hair care routine. From waxing, shaving, lasering or growing full bushes. Fur Oil is a multi-purpose oil that keeps your body hair silky, your skin incredibly smooth and not to forget, ingrown-free.

How to use Fur Oil? Simple; apply anywhere you’re feeling dry or ingrown prone. Fur Oil works amazing anywhere hair meets skin: underarms, chest, legs, face or pubic area. Use as a daily regimen for softer skin/hair and fewer ingrowns over time. Residue free and the scent disappears within minutes, absorbs quickly and doesn’t stain your silk. 

Fur Ingrown Concentrate: Fur those not into ingrowns.  
Everyone experiences ingrowns from time to time. The ingrown concentrate is a 100% spot treatment resulting in clear, smooth pores for even the most sensitive skin. With every ingrown concentrate, a textured finger mitt comes along to brush away dead skin and debris (aka the little evils behind clogged pores and ingrowns). Ingrown concentrate calms red, irritated skin and helps dry out excess sebum that’s trapping ingrown hairs underneath the skin. The perfect spot treatment for more sensitive skin types, combatting ingrowns where they have already appeared.

How to use? Use exfoliating finger mitt in or out of the shower. Apply a few drops of the serum to any bumps or irritation you’re dealing with. Don’t be scared to overdo it, you can use Ingrown Concentrate everywhere. Yup, think pubic area, underarms, legs, brows, upper lip, chin and even nipples! 

Fur Stubble Cream: Fur the shavers. 
If you’re a shaver, keep reading. Stubble Cream is true to its name, a moisturizer best used post-shaving. Think of it as a blemish cream as opposed to the daily ritual of Fur Oil and Stubble Cream. However, it does more than just hydrating. It softens stubble and supports hair regrowth, and is a fast-absorbing formula. You can use it anywhere you’re prone to razor burn, ingrowns or just as your daily body moisturizer. 

Have any more questions or want more tips? Reach out to us, and we are more than happy to help! 

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