NEW: Ouai Daily Care for Fine, Medium and Thick Hair, OUAI easy!

Finding your new hair shampoos and conditioners just got OUAI easier. OUAI formulated its new Daily Care range to simplify the category and create all-in-one solutions for the most common hair care concerns for each strand type. No more guesswork, “problem/solution” products, and overpromising. Just simple results for healthy hair.

The Daily Care range consists of a shampoo and conditioner for FINE, MEDIUM, and THICK hair types. Our guarantee: Good hair days, always. So what's your hair strand type? We’ll guide you the OUAI. 

Your hair thinner than your patience? And never have to worry about a clogged shower drain? Your hair is considered FINE. When we say fine hair, we’re talking about the diameter of each individual strand of hair, not how much hair you have on your pretty little head. Because fine hair leaves room for more hair to grow, you probably have more individual hairs on your head when you have fine hair than when you have thick hair. The result: Your hair has a bigger chance of getting oily fast. That’s because each hair has its very own oil gland. So feels light, limpy, and gets oily fast? Means fine hair. Not completely sure? Let’s do a test: Grab a strand of hair. Does it feel like there’s nothing there to hold? Does it break easily when tugging it? Well, there you go: You’re absolutely fine!

Is your hair easy like a Sunday morning? When your hair just dries into style, doesn’t need a lot of effort, but can act frizzy (read: Monica Geller in Barbados): welcome MEDIUM manes. The medium hair type feels thicker to the touch, but still not quite up there yet. It has more texture and a wider diameter than fine hair, which is why it needs a little bit more moisture. Ready for the test? Grab a strand of hair. Can you feel something? And does it not break as easily when tugging it? Then you’re right in the middle.

Do you break more hair ties than hearts? And have biceps from blow drying? We see you, THICK hair. When talking thick hair, we’re talking individual strands of hair that actually feel thick to the touch, can hold body, and may feel a bit rougher in texture. Because the diameter is wider, thick hair can get dry easier, and because it takes a lot of effort to style you probably go through your conditioner faster than your shampoo. Ready, set, test? Grab a strand of hair. Can you see and feel the hair prominently? Could you play tug of war with what’s between your fingers? Ok, we can’t lay it on any thicker than that.

Now all you Fine, Medium and Thick manes out there, meet your Daily Care match:

💕 Be FINE with Ouai Fine Hair Shampoo & Conditioner
This duo will make your hair go from flat to fuller. With ingredients such as strengthening keratin and biotin and nourishing hemp extract and chia seed oil, your hair is left clean with more bounce and volume. The lightweight formulas will maintain the softness of your hair and will keep it nourished, without weighing it down. Time to lift your life to the fullest!

💕 MEDIUM, well done please with Ouai Medium Hair Shampoo & Conditioner
This duo will give your hair that extra ‘umph’. With ingredients such as nourishing babassu and coconut oil,  strengthening keratin and shine-adding kumquat extract your hair is left silky, shiny, and flirty. The formulas will make your hair (and life) even easier to manage, pinky promise.

💕 Go THICKer than water with Ouai Thick Hair Shampoo & Conditioner 
This duo will moisturize your hair to the roots and ends. With ingredients such as strengthening keratin, moisturizing marshmallow root, and shea butter and smoothing avocado oil your hair is left cool, calm, and collected. The rich formulas will keep your hair healthy and frizz-free, but not to worry: it won’t turn the volume of your hair down. It will only make the sound bounce back even harder.

Life is hard, great hair should be easy! We are here for you, so don't hesitate to email ( or DM us with questions.

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