New Moon Manifesting

Move over Full Moon rituals, New Moon manifesting is here! Drs. Louise Lagendijk, our Coucou Expert & Founder of The Core Women Care, explains why the New Moon is the new Full Moon and how to embrace this Moon. Here she goes:

So by now you’ve probably heard all about the Full Moon. Recharging your crystals (and Coucou rollers). Attending Full Moon circles. Getting absolutely zero sleep. Heavy dreaming. All that jazz.

According to astrologers the Moon also amplifies our emotions. Think of it as the changing tides, when it’s full, our emotions come to the surface. Now, where Full Moons are times of social activity, expression and being in full bloom as the Moon is in its full light, the New Moon is a whole different thing. During the New Moon the moon isn’t visible to us in the sky, since it’s almost completely between the Earth and the Sun, blocking the Sun from lighting up the Moon. 

This means there is no light coming from the Moon, and the energy available to us is low. People often report feeling tired during the New Moon and crave going inward. It’s therefore a great time to calm down and do some self-reflection. Especially if you feel like making a new start, New Moon manifesting is your thing. Manifesting reminds us to get clear on our dreams and goals once a month. Ask yourself: What is it I REALLY want? What do I truly desire for myself and my life to happen this month?

How to manifest during the New Moon.
During the New Moon, sit yourself down and write down your goals, wishes, dreams and intentions. Whatever it is that makes you tick, what lights you up, that makes you happy. It can be big or small, just feel free to dream and write it down. Remember, if you can envision it you can create it. 

The secret to setting intentions and manifesting is to ensure that they come from the HEART, and that you FEEL them as if they’ve already happened.

3 quick tips on New Moon manifesting:
🌙Fake it till you make it. Pretend your dreams have ALREADY come true. Feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Hang out in that feeling. See yourself succeeding. Close your eyes. See it. Feel it. Enjoy! And repeat.
🌙Think about what you DO want, don’t think about what you DON'T want. This is GOLDEN.
🌙Wish for a feeling, ask yourself: What is it I like to FEEL? Relaxed? Loved? Cared for? Calm? Joyous? Full of energy? And then go back to a moment you felt like that. Bring the feeling back, feel it in your body and see it in your future. This is manifesting, that's all. 

And the energy of the New Moon is a great one to work with when you’re manifesting. So enjoy loves! You are worthy of your wildest dreams and desires. 

Dream big. Be bold. Magic may happen ;)


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