Meet the woman behind MAGICSTRIPES

Before the launch of MAGICSTRIPES on The Coucou Club we touched base with the founder of the Japanese inspired brand, Natalie Franz, and learned about her inspiration & vision behind the brand. 

Why and how did you start MAGICSTRIPES?
I founded the brand in 2013, after my trip to Japan where I discovered the wonderful little patches that Asian women use and that open their eyes to look fresh and well rested. The Stripes were our first product that was - as they say - launched by popular demand and was later followed by sheet masks that are easy to use and quick to deliver results. After years of working as a makeup artist, I figured it would be time to follow my passion and start a small business of my own - so far it has proved to be one of the best decisions I've ever made.

What distinguishes MAGICSTRIPES from what's already there?
We are an honest brand that uses the finest ingredients, but we don't take ourselves too seriously: we are cheeky and fun. Apart from the fact that all our masks are paraben- and silicon-free, they are also dermatologically tested and of course cruelty free in the sense that none of the products have been subject to animal testing. We like to say that our products deliver great results and a clear conscience.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
Beauty and its versatility - not just in terms of makeup and skincare, but also the nature, art, cinema, music. If I stick to the cosmetic part - I am absolutely fascinated by how individual beauty is: every person has that unique touch, something that tells their story and makes them unlike anybody else. I love that.

What are your future plans with MAGICSTRIPES?
We have an exciting new product range coming soon, something we are very proud of. Stay tuned, we promise it's going to be a fun ride!

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