How to take care of your candle: The Trick is in the Wick

We like our candles like our rom coms; as a slowburner that spreads the love gradually. And that’s why you might go crazy when you hear this. Did you know that there are different ways to burn a candle, and we don’t just mean a right and a wrong way. Here’s how to up your candle burning game:

First of all, let us tell you about the unique facts of the Boy Smells candles and why we love ‘m. Boy Smells candles are made of all-natural, ethically-harvested, blended coconut and beeswax, and have a cotton-braided, lead free wick. The candles are hand-poured in reusable (we love to reuse them for our makeup brushes) glass vessels and all hand-labeled in LA. Amazing right? But this means there are certain ways to treat this baby with care. 

What? How can you even suck at candle burning?
By thinking the only thing you need to know is just lighting the candle, you're already missing the boat. So let’s talk it through step by step. Step 1 is: Candle Placement. Try to find a child and animal-proof surface to place the candle. And as for ambiance, there are more things to pay attention to. Don’t leave your candle in the sunlight, close to other candles or electronics that release heat. This will cause an effect of melting or discoloring of the candle, and we don’t want that. Also, don’t place the candle near the curtains, otherwise we’re talking fire at the end of the day. You can however place the Boy Smells candles at lovely places such as your bathroom or bedroom (since that’s where you want the magic to happen anyway, right?). That way, after a busy long day you can rest as the sun sets down in the evening. Using a scented candle can help give you a blissful and soothing end to a long day. A cheap way for therapy! 

Burning love
Now, you’re ready to burn the candle. After you have lit the candle, a small pool of melted wax is created, which keeps getting bigger and bigger. It is important not to blow out your candle until the entire top layer has melted. If you don’t do this, so-called tunneling will occur, which will leave some unmelted wax on the sides of the glass and eventually will sink the wick. You really don’t want this to happen, because this will make you miss out on a lot of burning hours and that delightful smell spreading in your home.

The Trick is in the Wick
Now here’s the ultimate secret from Boy Smells; the trick is in the wick. Cut the wick from your candle and let it reach about 6 to 7 mm above the wax before lighting your candle. It may feel very unnatural to cut the wick of your candle shorter, since it is already quite short, but it is one of the best things to do. This is because by cutting the wick, your flame will burn out very calmly and relaxed. If you leave the wick too long, a much larger and often flickering black flame will develop, which will make the candle burn a lot more restlessly and faster. So cutting the wick not only ensures that your candle will burn much better, but is also much safer. And let us have the perfect tool for cutting the wick of your candle: the Boy Smells Wick Trimmer (what a coincidence right ;))
Expert’s Tip: If your fuse is short enough after the previous burn, you don't have to keep cutting it, of course. Just keep an eye on it. Also, refrain from burning candles longer than 3 hours at a time, and never burn a candle when there is less than ¼” of wax at the base.

Now you are officially a master in burning candles in the right way. So relight that fire baby.

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