How and why you should keep rollin’. It's ya body's turn.

You've probably seen our second Coucou launch, The Coucou Body Roller! Looks fancy and pink and all - but how the heck does that vibrating thing work? 

We are giving you the step-to-step guide below and why you should home-massage your body in the first place.  Some tips you would want to keep in mind before you start: 

1) For the massage to be beneficial (aside from the fact it helps you relax and relieve stress), it's important to really apply pressure while rolling. According to our Coucou Expert Charley Huf, it’s even ok for your skin to turn a bit warm and red after the massage. 
2) Aim to work upwards towards your heart to stimulate effective blood circulation and to return blood to your heart so that it can be re-oxygenated (refreshed and released from toxins). 
3) Try to incorporate two minutes of rolling per area. Might sound like a lot but hey this tool is Netflix-proof.
4) Optional: Apply your favorite body moisturizer, serum or oil before rolling to enhance the absorption of the product into your skin. 

Step 1: Calves
Make long and strong strokes while rolling from your ankles towards your knee.
Do you experience swollen legs and ankles? That's probably because of blocked blood vessels. Massaging your calves stimulates the lymphatic system (which doesn’t have its own pump), removing build-up toxins and thus reducing puffiness and evening out skin tone. The elimination of toxins creates more room for healthy nutrients to flow and nourish the skin: hello healthy glow.

Step 2: Thighs 
Make long and strong strokes upwards along the inner, outer and upper thighs.
Poor blood circulation can be caused by e.g. lack of exercise, sitting too long, smoking and stress. Damaged and tense muscles require oxygen-rich blood in order to heal, which is only possible with good circulation. Blood circulation is one of the most important functions in the body. It supplies oxygen to the brain and other organs. Massaging the skin and muscles helps to increase fresh blood and oxygen flow to the skin and cells, helping to feed skin cell renewal (for healthier-looking skin) and skin metabolism.

Step 3: Bum
Place the roller under your bum and make firm up and sideward movements towards the hips.
Through energetic and vigorous massage and pressure, the Coucou Body Roller helps reduce fat deposits by causing fat cells to rupture and it may also minimize the appearance of lumpy skin. Subcutaneous fat, the type that you can see from the outside of the body and the one that causes cellulite, can escape and can be more easily removed through exercising and eating right if you massage the skin on a regular basis.

Step 4: Belly & Hips 
Press and roll the tool in back and forth motions on your abdominal and hip area.
Shake those hips and take care of your body as the Brazilians do! The Coucou Body Roller is inspired by the Brazilian Sculpting Massage of which Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber en Alessandra Ambrosio are all fan to improve their blood circulation, fight dull skin and avoid water retention. Also, the built-in tourmaline stones are sourced from Brazil. Tourmaline stones are known for their healing properties and ability to draw out toxins and heavy metals and to purify the body. In terms of mental benefits, tourmaline is believed to promote inspiration and happiness. 

Step 5: Arms
Press and roll the tool upwards along your upper arms, back of your arms and forearms.
The Coucou Body Roller strengthens body contours and muscles and provides a temporal lifting and tightening effect of the skin. In studies, vibration on the skin has shown effectiveness in flexibility and explosive power. The Coucou Body Roller provides more than 7200 vibrations per minute which improve temporal muscular strength and power and reduce muscle pain. Perfect for pre and post-work-out sessions! 

Step 6: Chest & Décolleté 
Start between the décolleté and roll, with gentle pressure, towards the neck. Repeat this motion. Important note: Do not roll along the throat area.
As you age, the body produces less collagen, meaning your skin loses the elasticity and strength it needs to keep skin strong. Through pressure, the Coucou Body Roller stimulates collagen (the protein responsible for keeping our connective tissue strong) production and thereby plumping the skin and fine lines from the inside, evening out skin tone and sustaining the elasticity of the skin. 

Step 7: Breasts
From the side, press, and roll upwards across the breasts. 
Breasts aren't usually invited to the self-care party, but as it turns out, massaging your breasts has many benefits. First of all, massaging your breasts stimulates circulation, which is - as we know by now - necessary for keeping tissue healthy and strengthening the muscle. Secondly, did you know the body's lymphatic system is highly concentrated in the underarm and chest regions and that wearing a bra all day can keep our lymph circulation from draining out of the breasts? Massaging these areas helps keep the lymphatic system up and running.



When to use the Coucou Body Roller? 

Every free minute you’re in the mood. While Netflixing on the couch, in bed or in your bathroom while waiting for your hair to dry. If it is one of those days when you just don’t have the time, don’t worry, you can catch up next time; if, on the other hand, it is one of those days when you have more time, roll a bit longer. Why? Because it feels good, not only the rolling but also the feeling that you take care of your body and skin at the same time. We promise: Once you get the hang of it, you don’t want to live without. 

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