Golden Girl of Face Rollers. Meet the Coucou V-Lift Roller.

 Why the Coucou V-Lift Roller is a real must. 

Looking for something to lift your spirit and face? Look no further than our newly launched Coucou V-Lift Roller! The V-Lift Roller is the ultimate fast-track to flawless skin that will leave your Face ID guessing. We’ve rounded up the best, so put your Netflix on pause right now, cause we’re about to upgrade your at-home Coucou Spa and skincare routine.

So what is it you ask? The Coucou V-Lift Roller is a non-invasive and targeted face tool with cooling dual-ended globes that uses century old kneading techniques to lift and contour the jawline, cheekbones and brows. Need a bit more convincing? Let’s talk benefits, because this baby does it all. The Coucou V-Lift Roller helps ease tension, stimulates muscle tightening, boosts blood circulation and makes the skin look tighter than ever (perfect for sagging skin). Goodbye double chin, hello jawline.

Why need a facial massage tool? A facial massaging tool is a must-have, especially if you’re Coucou about beauty and spa treatments like us. It’s like having your facialist at home, as it mimics the kneading of their trained knuckles. Moreover a facial massage does much more than you might think. It goes beyond just the surface of the skin and  works as a deep tissue massage that tones and strengthens underneath the first layer of the skin, getting to the bottom of the problem and fixing it. And since we have over 40 muscles(!) in our face that allow us to smile, frown and shine day in day out, shouldn’t we give them a bit of love?

All eyes on your brows, cheeks and V-line!  The V-shaped roller can massage different parts of the face, from the brows, jawline, cheekbones to the mouth, and is designed to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage, but especially to lift and contour the facial muscles. It drains the skin of toxins and sculpts the muscles right back into shape. Like a natural facelift, regular use will give you a tighter, more toned face. So if you're in the market for a face sculpting tool and a pair of chiselled cheekbones, we have a match.

And it gets better... Because the Coucou V-Lift Roller massages the skin and stimulates blood flow, it brings more oxygen to the skin’s tissue. This then allows the skin to better absorb your products and therefore makes your (sometimes very expensive) skincare products more effective. Using the Coucou V-Lift Roller over, before or after your serums, or (sheet)masks will help push and penetrate your skincare products further into the skin. And if all this hasn’t got you convinced yet, firstly you’re a hard nut to crack and secondly, consider this: the Coucou V-Lift Roller also has stress-busting powers. It relieves the facial muscles of tension (hello second Covid-19 lockdown) and loses up those tight muscles (jaw-clenchers, we're talking to you). And if we are in need of anything right now, it’s a bit of self-love and relaxation. Amen.

And remember, alway use the tool upwards and outwards to turn that frown upside down. Let’s V-Roll!

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