Coucou Nail Art Stickers. 4 questions for nail-tech Jessica Scholten.

Jessica Scholten, co-designer of the Coucou Nail Art Stickers wanted to make her designs accessible to everyone. Together we created 3 designs that turn your nails into a piece of art. A little background on Jessica and the collab. 

Why and how did you start LAKWERK? I really noticed people were looking for something different than what was already out there when it comes to nail art. Back in the days, before I co-founded Lakwerk, I rented a tiny little space to do nails in between my long days on set. It felt so rewarding knowing I made people happy with my designs, I wanted to expand and give more people the opportunity to enjoy nail art. LAKWERK was born out of a mission to share my knowledge with other girls who shared share my mission and passion for nails nail art.

Who or what inspires you in life and in your designs?
Many things but in the end fashion is my main source of inspiration.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

I’m most proud of the fact I’m able to make people happy with designs that express their personalities. We see it more as an accessory than just nail art. Besides that, I absolutely love to travel and work with such experienced people that keep inspiring me. 

Why this collab with The Coucou Club?
We have the same mindset. We immediately connected on both a personal and an entrepreneurial level. We launched just after each other and love brainstorming about how we can grow and stay innovative. We are different companies since LAKWERK offers a service and The Coucou Club products. That's why it’s so cool we’ve partnered up. My designs are now 'transformed' into a shoppable product!

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