Colette Haydon's controversial approach - A sneak peek in her mastermind.

Why and how did you start Lixirskin?
I am a doctor in dermo-pharmacy, passionate about the skin and formulating skincare. Over 20 years ago I set up a laboratory in London called Elixir de Beaute. Together with my team, I formulated hundreds of products for many of the most coveted beauty brands. I am pretty sure there is at least one in your bathroom! Lixir is driven by my experience in the lab. My skin beliefs have evolved with time; they are deep, disruptive and controversial.

What distinguishes Lixirskin from what’s already out there?
Less is more. I have often found that products with too many active ingredients confuse the skin: It works too hard, gets tired and gives up.
It is best to ask the skin to do one thing and do it well! Also, in my opinion, there is no such thing as a product which is good for one part of your skin and not the other. They create names for products which have the same base and do the same thing - day cream, primer, night cream, moisturizer, serum - and the one is ever more inventive than the other. But what is the difference between a night cream and an overnight mask? Even I don’t know! A wrinkle is a wrinkle, wherever it is placed and a good formula helps them all.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
I am inspired by all women that have succeeded in what very much still is a man’s world, it is still very hard for women! With Lixirskin I want to empower women to think they are beautiful. There is a trend among the younger women toward a more eclectic definition of beauty and there is not an age when you stop being beautiful if you feel beautiful. The act of grooming and caring for your skin generate endorphins which are very good for the skin.

What are your future plans with Lixirskin? 
Top secret but very likely a day product to help the skin when it is one of those days...

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