A supplement brand that cares for the people AND the planet? Meet The Nue Co.

This NYC born cult brand blends science and natural innovation to deliver effective, yet gentle solutions. Working with best practices from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines, it's described as truly 'life-changing'. Free of toxics, additives, flavorings and organic vegan and gluten-fee where possible. Always cruelty-free. We spoke to founder Jules Miller about her motivation and vision. 

Why and how did you start The Nue Co.?
I started The Nue Co. in 2017 to change the relationship we have with supplements and vitamins. After developing IBS in my mid-twenties, I turned to supplements to fix my symptoms but was disillusioned by an industry which was so often misleading and uninspiring. Having grown up around my grandfather, who was a scientist and spent most of his working life developing vitamins and supplements, I was no stranger to this world. I left my job as a marketing executive and set out to create a line of efficacious supplements using the highest quality of food-sourced ingredients, that merged science and natural innovation. Since launching, we have gone on to create what some of our customers describe as ‘life changing’ products; DEBLOAT+, SKIN FILTER and PREBIOTIC + PROBIOTIC.

What distinguishes The Nue Co. from what's already out there?
Our core focus is product efficacy. I’m quite an impatient person, so when I commit to something, I’ll do so with the expectation of seeing quick results. All of the products in our range are designed to work within 4-6 weeks, and are developed using the highest quality, clinically backed ingredients. When it comes to product development, we create targeted solutions to specific concerns rather than blanket need states. Using gut-health as an example, everyone’s microbiome is so unique that it’s farfetched to think that one product could help everyone. Instead, we create a multitude of targeted products that focus on everything from bloating, to slow digestion to constipation. 

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
Bob Marley (I’m not joking) 

Your life in 3 emojis?
🙌🦇(because of my bat-like French bulldog)❣️


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