A patch made in heaven - All you need to know on this high-tech zit-killing patch

Say Hi to your new ex-zit strategy

A patch made in heaven - Read all you need to know on this high-tech zit-killing patch

Our new Australian brand: ZITSTICKA offers a product from the future that will put your zits in the past! This is where tech meets skincare: The brand combined the latest in dermatological science and cosmetic technology to develop a patch that blends perfectly-picked ingredients that will tackle your zits from the source rather than failing on the surface. 

How does the patch work?
Apply the patch to the problem area and let it sit for at least two hours. 
Once the 24 microdarts dissolve, a synergistic potion of hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, niacinamide and oligopeptide-76 flood the heart of your zit, resolving the upcoming drama before it blows up. The microdarts are so tiny that they don’t hurt, although you may feel a slight (and rather satisfying, might we add) tingling sensation. 

What’s inside the patch? 
The patches consist of three layers. The outer layer is the protective shield. This covers the problem while you solve it. Bacteria and dirty hands play a very big role with breakouts. By covering the zit, you protect it from exposure to dirt and bacteria. The middle layer is called the loyal adhesive. This is a water-resistant adhesive ring, that stays right where you stuck it. The third and most important layer of the patch consists of the ingredient filled microdarts. Within 2 hours these microdarts dispense the ingredients right to the source.

What’s inside the kit? 
Next to 8 KILLA patches, the kit contains 8 CLEANA ingredient-soaked swabs that prime and clean your skin so the patch will easily stick. Once applied, leave these bad boys to do their job.  There’s no need for fear of slipping (they’re water-resistant) or drawing attention to the problem (they’re semi-sheer, clear and very discreet). 

How long do I need to wear the patch? 
The time it takes to clear a pimple is entirely dependent on your pimple. Here’s something you can rely on: Each KILLA’s microdarts will dissolve right inside the nucleus of your pimple (AKA, deep) within two hours of application. So, after you’ve pressed a patch to your face and two hours have passed, you know the ingredients (hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, niacinamide and oligopeptide-76) have dissolved and are working to resolve the infection.

Most pimples will shrink in size and swelling after 6 hours, but other cases will take a little longer. Exceptionally stubborn cases may require a follow-up application.

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