A Belly Facial, seriously?! Meet the genious behind the Belly Mask.

To learn more about Hatch, we did a mini-interview with Hatch Mama's founder Ariane Goldman: formerly worked on Wall Street and proud mom of 2.

Why and how did you start HATCH Mama?
In 2010, I was newly pregnant and frustrated by the lack of stylish clothing options in the maternity market. Following the birth of my daughter Charlie, I launched HATCH to serve as a trusted resource for women who want to feel beautiful, confident, and stylish during one of life’s most rewarding (yet also most challenging) periods. When I was pregnant, there was no one speaking to me, so I wanted to start the conversation. Speaking with my incredible customers over the years, it was clear there was a similar gap: safe maternity skincare that actually felt good to indulge in and proud to have in your beauty cabinet. So, in 2018 HATCH MAMA was born: non-toxic, mama-safe, feel-good beauty designed to help mamas everywhere overcome the challenges unique to pregnancy so they can continue to feel like the best version of themselves.

“I'm trying to make it sexy and okay and lovely and interesting because that's what it is. How cool is it? You're having a baby!

What distinguishes HATCH Mama from what's already out there?
The beauty industry has long ignored the pregnant and postpartum mama, either offering clinical experiences that do not honor the true magic of the journey or forcing her into more “granola” pregnancy-safe offerings that require her to give up her more elevated beauty routine. I believe that there doesn't have to be this compromise and that maternity skincare can be both clean and luxe. Designed with a “wink”, our beauty lineup is crafted to make her feel both safe and chic, whether through our K-Beauty-inspired Belly Mask to make belly itch and stretch mark fighting an empowering (if not instagrammable) wellness ritual, a beautiful botanical oil for the belly that she’s both proud to keep on her bedside table AND clothing-ready with a quick-dry formula, a first-ever cooling cream for swollen ankles so she can kick the not-so-sexy compression socks to the curb, or through bringing conversations around postpartum hair loss to the table with our luxe, scalp stimulating hair oil. 

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?
I'm always most inspired when I travel -- Marrakech, in particular, is what comes to mind: the patterns, the architecture, the people, the energy. If you look close enough across all categories of my business, you can find those moments of inspiration. 

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