5 need-to-knows for everyone with a vulva! #DeoDoc

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5 need-to-knows for everyone with a vulva!
Explained by the DeoDoc Sisters. 

1. Vagina VS Vulva

Often the entire intimate female anatomy is wrongly referred to as the vagina. Actually, your vagina is the internal canal that leads inward up to the cervix. Everything else - the outer labia (lips), where your pubic hair grows, and the inner labia — is your vulva.  

2. Our vulva sweats

The same sweat glands that exist in your armpits also exist on the vulva. They are present wherever there are hair follicles, and the sweat empties into the hair follicles. This is why there may be a slight odor in the intimate area that has nothing to do with an infection.

3.  Let’s wash

The vulva (outer and inner labia) may be washed. We’re not claiming your vulva should smell like roses, but if you are going to treat your intimate area, do it safely! The hair follicles in your vulvar area, holding the sweat gland excretions, can use some proper cleansing as additional odor-causing bacteria can thrive and build up in this warm, moist, tightly-covered-with-clothing environment. 

"As doctors we see a need for these kind of products, as our patients ask us for safe alternatives. Or they have already used bad products and we need to help them with the irritation from using bad products or washing excessively with water."

4. Don’t get high on pH

Our vulva has a delicate eco-system with a specific pH that should not be disrupted. Any products used on the vulva should have a pH of 5. Products with different pH levels can disrupt your body’s natural pH, leading to irritation, discomfort, and, possibly, infections.  Never wash with regular soaps, body washes, or body gels because many contain high pH levels and non-hypoallergenic fragrance ingredients that are not correctly formulated for intimate area skin. 

5. No soap allowed

Inside the vagina, we have a pH of 3,5 – a very acidic environment. Just as the vulva, the vagina also has a very delicate ecosystem. No soaps or body washes or douches should ever be used inside your vagina (vaginal canal) as the vagina is self-cleansing. Vaginas naturally produce discharge as a completely normal housekeeping function. 

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